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Why Do Insurance Rates Go Up?

  Their are numerous reasons why insurance rates go up but many don’t realize it correlates with the local economy, materials cost and many other factors. Insurance companies do not like to raise rates if they do not have too.…

Dental Insurance In Springfield MO

Family Dental Insurance In Springfield MO, Millennium brokers

How does Missouri Dental Insurance Work? Dental insurance works very similar to health insurance. You typically pay a monthly premium and are then entitled to certain dental benefits usually including regular checkups, cleanings, x-rays and services to promote general health.…

Umbrella Insurance: What is it?

Red umbrella, umbrella insurance

Protecting your family and its assets is very important, one great way to do this is with an umbrella insurance policy that is designed  to cover extra liability beyond your auto and home insurance liability.  It can help to protect against major…

Medicare 101

Medicare, Millennium Brokers, Springfield, MO Doctor talking to a patient

Medicare is a form of health insurance managed by the U.S Government that was founded in 1965. Many different presidents attempted to pass different forms of health care in the past but, in most cases with little success. Medicare really…

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