Medical Staffing Insurance

Finding medical staffing insurance can be a challenge. Most insurance agencies don't understand your needs. At Millennium Brokers, we specialize in providing insurance for medical staffing agencies.

Medical Staffing Insurance

Finding insurance for a medical staffing agency can be challenging and time consuming. Most agencies, don't understand the coverage or have companies that offer coverage. Searching for coverage can be very Frustrating!

Whether your a new business or a long term medical staffing agency, Millennium Brokers has a policy to fit your needs. We specialize in coverages for your business and have multiple options to help find you the most competitive pricing.

What Coverages do Medical Staffing Agencies Need?

Medical Staffing agencies generally need three main coverages: Professional Liability, General Liability and Workers Compensation. These three coverages are the foundation for medical staffing insurance. Some other coverages could include commercial property, commercial auto and employment practice liability.

Professional Liability

General Liability

Workers Compensation

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance helps protect your medical staffing business from claims that it caused property damage and bodily injury. These risks can come up during normal business operations. From a medical staffing perspective, the most common incident that triggers general liability is bodily injury to a 3rd party while on your premises. This could include a client falling at your office. General liability also responds to allegations of libel and slander and various other acts. It is important to read your policy to understand your coverages.

Professional Liability Insurance

Medical Staffing Workers' Compensation Insurance coverage refers to an insurance policy that protects employees and provides medical care, death, disability, and rehabilitation benefits for workers who are injured while on the job. This can also include an illness developed at a later time. The insurer agrees to pay all compensation and benefits related to the insured employer's state's workers' compensation laws without any regard to liability.

With workers compensation insurance premiums are based upon the job. Medical staffing can vary depending the healthcare facility your business is providing medical staff. For instance, nursing homes are usually classified much different than a hospital.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Professional liability insurance helps cover you and your business from a mistake in the professional services given to a customer or client. With Medical Staffing, professional liability responds to damage to a client due to allegations of improper care or due to the absence of proper care. Typically claims range from improperly reported/treated bed sores to dropping a client assisting to the restroom.

Typically there are two types of coverage forms:

  • Claims Made -Coverage is triggered when a claim is made against the insured during the policy period, regardless of when the wrongful act that gave rise to the claim took place.
  • Occurrence - Provides coverage for incidents that happen during your policy period, regardless of when you file a claim.

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