Will Home Insurance Cover Pipe Burst?

Normally this is the time of year when most are planting their garden. Its  nearing 70 degrees consistently by now and we are welcoming the April Showers. Mother Nature decided to extend Winter just a little bit longer this year, as we are still seeing some snow in Mid-April. With Snow we still have the fear of having our pipe bursting. This comes with the question, will home insurance cover pipe bursts?

First Lets Talk About Why It Happens?

Water remains in your pipes almost constantly. When we experience freezing temperatures, the water in them can also freeze. The water then expands within them then expands, creating pressure on the pipes. As the expansion occurs, the pipe will burst causing possible further damage to the home if it isn’t caught quickly enough. Even, a crack just a small millimeters wide can cause problems. When this happens the pipe can only withstand pressure for so long before the break happens.

Will Your Home Insurance Cover Pipe Burst?

In most cases, having a pipe burst is a coverage provided on your standard home insurance policy. Not every company is the same so remember to talk to your agent before setting up your policy. One important part of being a homeowner is to remember you must maintain your property and provide the proper maintenance.  Typically pipe bursts are covered but if you haven’t done the proper maintenance then the insurance company could possibly deny the claim. So if there is a leak that you know about, or damage to an outdoor spigot that could lead to this type of loss, take action as soon as possible.

How to Prevent This Risk

Here are some things you can do to help prevent the bursting of your pipes:

  • Leave a small stream of water running on these cold days especially at night.
  • Keep your home at a warm temperature
  • Work with a plumber to insulate pipes that are at a high risk of bursting.
  • Have an annual inspection of your pipes to ensure that there is ample protection in place.
  • On very cold days, keep the cabinet doors open in your living area. This helps reduce how cold the pipes get.

Home insurance is there to help you. Discuss the options with your agent for minimizing this risk. Give Millennium Brokers a call for a quote at 417-773-7822.

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