Why You Should Disconnect Your Garden Hose Before the First Freeze

In Missouri, as in many parts of the U.S., winter brings freezing temperatures. These temperatures can wreak havoc on outdoor equipment, especially your garden hose. Here are compelling reasons why you should remove and store your garden hose before the first freeze:

  1. Hose Damage Prevention: Water inside a garden hose can freeze and expand, leading to cracks or bursts in the hose. Disconnecting and draining the hose stops water from freezing inside, preventing damage.
  2. Protecting Plumbing: A hose filled with frozen water can increase pressure in the home’s plumbing system. This can cause exterior faucets to freeze, risking damage to internal pipes. Disconnecting ensures the faucet drains properly, reducing freeze risks.
  3. Ready for Spring: A hose damaged by winter or filled with leftover water hinders spring usage. Proper winter storage ensures the hose is functional for the next season.
  4. Safety: Hoses left out might cause tripping hazards, especially when rigid from the cold. Also, leaking water near pathways can freeze, creating dangerous icy spots.
  5. Aesthetic and Longevity: A neatly stored hose improves yard appearance during winter and shows good garden upkeep. Also, protecting your hose from harsh winter conditions can extend its lifespan, offering long-term savings.

In short, pre-winter garden hose maintenance in Missouri isn’t just about the hose itself. It’s about safeguarding your home’s plumbing, ensuring spring readiness, promoting safety, and preserving your investment.

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