Why Purchase Higher Bodily Injury Limits on Your Missouri Auto Policy

Auto insurance isn’t just a legal obligation in Missouri; it’s also a critical safety net. While many people try to save on premiums by choosing lower bodily injury limits, this short-term savings might lead to long-term consequences. Here’s why you should consider higher bodily injury limits on your auto insurance:

1. Adequate Coverage for Rising Medical Costs: Medical expenses are skyrocketing. Even a minor accident can result in significant medical bills, from emergency room visits to surgeries and rehabilitation. Higher bodily injury limits ensure that these costs are covered without tapping into your own pocket.

2. Protecting Your Assets: If you’re found at fault in an accident and the injured party’s medical costs exceed your coverage, they can sue for the difference. This means your assets, like homes and savings, could be at risk. Higher limits act as a safety buffer, keeping your assets secure.

3. Legal Implications: Beyond the financial implications, being underinsured can draw you into lengthy and stressful legal battles. If a victim decides to sue due to insufficient funds from your insurance, you could be facing substantial legal fees and court costs.

4. Peace of Mind: Driving is already fraught with hazards. Knowing you’re adequately covered in case of an accident grants peace of mind. You’ll know that you can provide for someone’s medical expenses if the need arises, and you won’t face financial ruin doing so.

5. Comparative Costs: While higher limits do mean higher premiums, the difference in cost is often not as substantial as one might think. When weighed against the potential out-of-pocket expenses from a significant accident, the incremental premium increase is a small price to pay for comprehensive coverage.

6. Future Insurance Premiums: Insufficient coverage today can mean higher premiums tomorrow. If you’re found at fault in an accident and your insurance can’t cover all the costs, this can negatively impact your insurance record. Over time, you might end up paying more in premiums than if you’d initially opted for a higher limit.

Conclusion: Missouri Auto insurance is an investment in your financial and personal security. While the lure of lower premiums can be enticing, the potential fallout from underinsurance is far costlier. By choosing higher bodily injury limits, you’re not only safeguarding your present but also ensuring a less financially turbulent future. Always consult with an insurance expert to tailor your coverage to your needs. Contact a local Professional at Millennium Brokers to get your consolation started!

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