Why Have My Insurance Rates Gone Up?

Today many people are asking why have my insurance rates gone up? The Auto Insurance Industry is much different than what it was 20 years ago. Many people don’t realize but cell phones have had a major impact on your insurance rates. Lets take a deeper looking into the problem.

Just twenty years ago, cell phones were just coming out. These were the days of the old school box phones. Who would have known that they would be such a problem with distracted driving. Recently the National Safety Council reported that cell phones cause nearly 1.6 million accidents each year. This causes can cause nearly 300,000 injuries. Today, 1 in every 4 accidents is caused by texting and driving.

Why Have My Insurance Rates Gone Up?

With all of the new accidents that may not have happened in the past, auto insurance rates are on the rise. With major loses from Distracted Driving, the insurance companies have no choice but to raise rates as a whole.

What Can I do to get my Rates down?

  1. Select an Insurance Company that offers telematic discount programs. Telematic programs have you download an app or plug in a device in your car to help individualize your rates. Are you a good driver? This might be a program for you! Telematics can save you anywhere from 10-50 percent dependent on the Companies. Here are a list of some companies and the Telematic Discounts they offer:

Nationwide – Up to 25%

Safeco – Up to 25%

 State Auto – Up to 50%

  1. Find an Independent Insurance Agent. An independent agent can offer insurance with multiple companies rather than just one. Captive agents are typically limited to one company and may not have as many options. In Springfield, Millennium Brokers can get rates with over 25 A-Rated insurance companies. An independent can also help get your Auto, Life, Home and Business insurance all in one place.


  1. Check over your policy. Make sure your agent has everything declared correctly on your application.


  1. Make sure you Mileage is accurate. If you don’t drive much, search for a company that offers a low mileage discount.


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