Tips on Purchasing a Motorcycle

Whether you are going for your first ride or a seasoned rider, riding a motorcycle can be exhilaration. There is nothing that can compare to the wind rushing over your face and the pavement quickly moving past you. It is hard to not desire getting a new bike. Here are a few tips to help you purchase the best motorcycle for you.

Don’t Get Emotionally Attached to your Motorcycle

When you visit the dealership or showroom, its important to take time in your decision. Becoming emotionally attached and making a split decision will impact your ability to make a smart decision. It is always good to come back later to make your purchase. Taking a day to mull things over can help save you cash.

Consider the Type of Motorcycle You Purchase

Motorcycles can be very dangerous. Do your research on the type of bike you want to buy. Different types of motorcycles aren’t as safe as others.

Have a Mechanic Check It Over

Make sure to have a mechanic look the bike over. Don’t let the person or dealership over promise and under deliver. Many people get suckered into buying a bike without having a mechanic check to make sure it is mechanically sound.

Estimate Complete Costs

Look at the cost of everything not just the motorcycle.  Some additional costs include:

  • Riding Gear
  • Registration/Titling
  • Cost of gas
  • Insurance

Sell Your Old Motorcycle Privately Rather Than Trading It

Many motorcyclists trade their motorcycles in on a new motorcycle, as one would do on a car. Most times this leads to you losing money. The dealership makes money off of reselling the old bike so they don’t usually pay top dollar. Check to see how much you can get from selling your old motorcycle to a private party.

Get an Insurance Quote before You Buy

Make sure to get a motorcycle insurance quote before you purchase a new bike. An independent insurance agent can help save you time by getting multiple quotes all in one place. Don’t wait until after your purchase because you want to make sure you can afford the payment.

In Springfield, Missouri Millennium Brokers offers quotes from 7 different companies that offer motorcycle insurance. Let them help save you both time and money.

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