Insurance for your Teen Driver

Getting a Teen Driver licensed in Missouri can be an exciting and stressful time all in one. What are your first steps? Teenagers can start the process at 15 by passing a vision test, roadside exam and a knowledge test. Once they pass the state gives them an instructional permit. Next you turn 16 your are eligible to take your behind-the-wheel road test. If you pass, the state will issue an intermediate driver license. Now its time to get yourself Insurance.

Get your Teenage Driver Experience Behind the Wheel

First get your teenager plenty of experience behind the wheel while they have their permit. A wreck for a teenager can cause your insurance rates to go crazy! Don’t rush getting a license if they have not had much time driving. Teenagers don’t have to be put on most policies until they get their license. Get your teen as much experience as possible. Some families try to get their son or daughter licensed as fast as possible. Although your teenager may be in favor of this, it isn’t going to benefit them in the log run. The quicker you get them added to your policy, the longer you have to pay higher premiums.

Driver Training for your Teenager

Your teenager should complete some kind of driver training course. Most insurance companies offer discounts for completing a driver training courses. Insurance companies know a teen who has taken one of these courses will be better equipped for the road. You can find these courses from a number of outlets. Most local school districts offer the course during the summer. You can also find the course online.

Will buying my Teenager a New Car Help Save Money on Insurance?

Every teen dreams about driving up to school in that new car. Make sure to get quotes on insurance before you purchase. Don’t let the dealership persuade you into thinking it will save you on Insurance. The way the insurance company looks at it is that your new vehicle will cost more to replace than an older vehicle so most times you will pay higher insurance premiums. This isn’t always the case which is why it is important to get a quote before you purchase a vehicle.

What if I don’t Purchase a Vehicle for my Teenager Driver?

Most times having a teenager without a vehicle but listing them on your policy can save you money. You would only qualify this if you had more vehicles than drivers. This gives your insurance agent the ability to list your teen as an occasional driver rather a primary operator.

Getting Good Grades

Most insurance companies reward teenagers who make good grades. Encourage your teen to work hard in school and it will save you some money. Good student discounts tend to vary depending on the company.

Having an independent agent

Adding a teen driver can be very costly. Certain companies don’t like insuring teen drivers because they are at a higher risk to have an accident. This is why having an insurance agent with multiple companies can save quite a bit of money. An independent agent like Millennium Brokers can shop your rates with over 15 companies to make sure your teen driver is covered properly and for an affordable premium.

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