Roadside Assistance with my Car Insurance?

Flats, dead batteries and missing car keys happen to the best of us. When you take Roadside Assistance with your Car insurance policy you might just have some help when something like this happens.

Roadside Assistance with my Car Insurance

RoadsideSome people say why add Roadside assistance with my Car Insurance but many don’t know that Roadside plans can provide you benefits like Gas Delivery, Locksmith services, flat repair and towing. Some plans go as far as offering you Emergency Expense Coverage, this is normally  secondary coverage that will provide financial help to pay for unexpected motel stays and meals built right into your Roadside Assistance plan!

Wont a Roadside Claim cause my rates to go up?

Some people worry that this type of claim could make your rates higher, we have good news! most companies don’t count a roadside claim against your policy. Although its always good to confirm this with your company or agent.

Roadside plans cost an Arm and a Leg!?

I bet you’ve heard this before and sometimes it can. Some companies sell just roadside assistance plans either for a monthly or yearly cost. These stand alone plans for Roadside Assistance are great in a lot of ways but can also be much more expense then adding Roadside Assistance with your Car Insurance.

Most times you can add a basic Roadside assistance plan to your auto insurance for less than $15 per year.

Make sure you’re looking at all the options

Some roadside plans cover a limited amount of miles for a tow, like 15 Miles or to the nearest qualified shop for repairs. Some companies give customers the ability to increase the tow benefit to 100 Miles or even unlimited amounts of miles.

Rule of thumb with roadside plans is that they are designed to provide you assistance coverage and will normally only provide you coverage if your vehicle is disabled from something like a flat tire, running out of gas or a car accident.

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