Protecting Your Property From Freezing Temperatures

The upcoming week is poised to unleash an onslaught of bone-chilling cold accompanied by relentless gusts of frigid wind. This formidable duo undoubtedly spells trouble for our homes and businesses in the form of frozen pipes. Allow me to share some proactive measures you can take right now to safeguard against potential issues:

  1. Disconnect any exterior hoses from hose bibs, including those tucked away in your garage.
  2. Seal off all external vents, and you might even want to contemplate applying tape to fortify their defenses against the piercing wind.
  3. Grant access by opening cabinet doors for any plumbing situated along the outer walls of your premises. This allows the warmth to circulate and protect these vulnerable areas.
  4. For cabinets situated along exterior walls or in structures with overhead pipe systems, consider letting your faucets gently release a steady stream of water. This gradual infusion of 50-degree warmth from the ground can keep the pipes from freezing solid.

In the unfortunate event that a pipe does succumb to the frost, here are some simple steps to aid in its revival:

  1. Swing those cabinet doors wide open.
  2. Ensure the exterior vents remain securely sealed.
  3. Crank your faucet to full blast. Even a slight trickle will help the comparatively warmer ground water work its magic and eventually free the frozen pipe.
  4. Should the pipe be solidly frozen, you might resort to using incandescent light bulbs in a trouble light or a space heater. However, exercise caution and maintain a safe distance from any materials, as they can melt pipes on direct contact or pose a fire hazard if too close to flammables.
  5. In cases of stubborn frozen pipes, it may be prudent to enlist the services of a plumber. Feel free to give us a call, and we can recommend a few trusted professionals.
  6. Be ever vigilant and attuned to the auditory cues of dripping or running water, as these are unmistakable signs of a burst pipe resulting from freezing.

Stay warm and vigilant during this chilly spell, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you require any assistance.

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