Pet insurance in Springfield MO

Pet Insurance in Springfield MO

Like most of us, keeping our pets happy and healthy is a priority. Pet insurance, can help you do this by covering some costs at the veterinarian if your pet becomes sick. Some plans also provide ‘wellness’ coverage that can help cover things like spaying/ neutering, vaccinations and heart worm testing. Here are some important parts of this coverage to remember.

Maximum Payout

Most policies have a maximum amount that a policy holder can be reimbursed for during a policy term or the lifetime of the policy. Each insurance company will set these limits.

Waiting Period

Similar to health or dental insurance, pet insurance may have a period of time before your coverage begins. Normally injury or sickness that happen during these times are not covered. There can also be internal waiting limits for types of illness or condition.

Pre-existing conditions

Typically pet insurance will not cover a condition that developed before the policy started or during the waiting period.


This is the amount you pay monthly or annually for your pet to be covered by pet insurance.

Wellness Benefits

Coverage can either be included or added to your Pet Insurance policy to cover keeping your pet well. These can include Heart worm medication, flea and tick medication and shots.

Things to remember

*Pet insurance generally doesn’t provide liability coverage for injury or damage to others property caused by your pet.

*Coverage under your pet insurance policy is typically reimbursement only, meaning that you must pay the vet first and then you get paid back if your policy covers what happened.

*Pet insurance policies are not the same, some policies may have more coverage or wellness benefits over others.


Working with an Independent Agent who offers polices though multiple companies can help make sure you are getting the right policy for your needs. Get a quote today or call 417-773-7822.

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