Landlord Insurance

Looking for Missouri Landlord Insurance or Vacant Property Insurance in Springfield?

If you own a rental property in Springfield or a home that happens to be vacant, a traditional homeowners insurance policy will not work. You need what’s called a “Specialty Dwelling” insurance policy which some people refer to as landlord insurance.

Furthermore the traditional homeowners insurance excludes coverage for properties that are not owner-occupied. In other words, if you don’t live in the house, it’s only covered by a specialty dwelling policy and as a result, we want to make sure you are covered the right way.

Millennium Brokers represents several carriers who can insure your rental property, or specialty use property. Finally, one stop shop for everything.

Landlord Insurance

There are multiple scenarios where landlord insurance or specialty dwelling insurance is necessary:

Rental Properties — Specialty Dwelling insurance is the only type of policy that will work for a rental property.

There are certain coverages that you need as the owner of a non-owner occupied property that are only provided by a specialty dwelling insurance policy like for example Landlord Furnishings, and Tenant Liability.

Vacant Homes — vacant homes can present all kinds of problems which is why they can be extremely difficult to insure. Most insurance companies want nothing to do with a property that is vacant. We can help you though.

Seasonal & Vacation Homes — in many cases, in order to insure a secondary, seasonal, or vacation property, most companies require that you insure your primary residence with them as well, which isn’t always possible.

Older & Lower Value Homes — if your home is extremely old and/or the market value is considerably lower than the cost to rebuild it, many insurance companies may hesitate to cover it. Older or lower-valued properties present a number of problems, but we have access to specialty policies specifically for these types of homes.

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Millennium Brokers takes your business seriously, we will provide rental and investment property rates from multiple insurance carriers within 24 Hours of our first phone conversation. While you may not have the time to call around, let us do all the shopping for you! 

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