How to get an Online Insurance Quote in Missouri

People today need an agent on their time. We live in a world where we need an insurance agent that can meet the demands of our busy, connected lives. What does that mean? An insurance agency that can work digitally and get an online insurance quote.

Online Insurance Quote

Did you know that you can get access to multiple quotes without having to call around. What does that mean for you? An independent insurance agent has the ability to work with multiple companies rather than just one. An agent that has access to more insurance companies may have access to more discounts. Having multiple options might also get you better coverages or different coverage options.

Don’t I still have to come in the office if I get an Online Insurance Quote?

Many people don’t realize that many agents can work digitally. With programs like Docusign and many companies like State Auto Insurance that have went to a digital platform, you never have to step foot in the door.

Wait I want to know who I am working with?

You can always go meet your agent, but many don’t have too. In the digital age, Google Reviews have become a great resource. You can see what other local individuals are saying about an Insurance Agency or an Insurance Agent. More modern agencies like Millennium Brokers have Quote Video Technologies.

What is a Quote Video?

A quote video gives you the ability to get an online insurance quote while still meeting your agent. The quote video is a password protected video of the agent explaining your coverages and going over your quotes for insurance. It includes an agent biography and you actually get to see who you are working with.

How do we find an agent to get an Online Insurance Quote?

You can visit Millennium Brokers and fill out a quote form. We send you the top 3 quotes after comparing with up to 20 insurance carriers. You can also visit us at 2100 S. Brentwood Blvd Ste G, Springfield MO 65804 or call us at 417-773-7822.



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