Navigating Hired and Non-Owned Insurance for Your Business

In the dynamic world of business operations, the distinction between owned assets and those that are hired or non-owned but crucial for your operations can blur. This is where hired and non-owned insurance comes into play, providing essential coverage that safeguards businesses against a plethora of potential liabilities. Understanding this coverage is pivotal for any business that utilizes vehicles or properties it does not own outright for its operations.

What is Hired and Non-Owned Insurance?

Hired and non-owned insurance is a type of liability coverage designed specifically for businesses. It protects against damages and injuries that occur as a result of using vehicles or properties not owned by the company but are essential for conducting business. This coverage is particularly relevant for businesses that rent or lease vehicles, or have employees who use their personal vehicles for business purposes.

Scope of Coverage

Hired Vehicles: This part of the policy comes into effect when a business rents, hires, or borrows vehicles for its operations. Whether it’s for transporting goods, ferrying employees, or any business-related travel, hired vehicle coverage ensures that the business is protected against claims arising from accidents or damages involving these vehicles.

Non-Owned Vehicles: Non-owned vehicle coverage is crucial for businesses whose employees use their personal vehicles for work-related activities. This can range from making deliveries to visiting clients. If an employee is involved in an accident while performing a work-related task, this coverage helps protect the business from potential lawsuits or claims related to the accident.

What Does It Cover?

Hired and non-owned insurance primarily covers liability claims. This includes:

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage: If a vehicle that is either hired or non-owned by the business is involved in an accident causing bodily injury or property damage, this insurance can cover the resulting claims against the business.
  • Legal Defense Costs: Should your business face a lawsuit related to the use of hired or non-owned vehicles, this insurance can help cover the costs associated with defending the business in court.
  • Settlements and Judgments: If a court rules against your business or if you opt to settle out of court, hired and non-owned insurance can help pay these costs, up to the policy’s limits.

Who Needs Hired and Non-Owned Insurance?

Virtually any business that doesn’t rely exclusively on company-owned vehicles for its operations can benefit from this insurance. This includes:

  • Businesses that rent or lease vehicles for transportation, deliveries, or other operational needs.
  • Companies whose employees use their personal vehicles for business tasks.
  • Organizations that occasionally borrow vehicles for specific business-related activities.

Exclusions and Limitations

While hired and non-owned insurance is comprehensive, it does not cover:

  • Physical damage to the hired or non-owned vehicle itself. This is typically covered under a separate policy.
  • Injuries to the employee driving the non-owned vehicle. These are generally covered by workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Personal use of the vehicle. The coverage is strictly for business-related activities.


Hired and non-owned insurance is an essential safeguard for businesses that utilize vehicles and properties they do not own for their operations. It offers a protective layer against liabilities that could otherwise financially cripple your business. Understanding the nuances of this coverage ensures that your business is prepared for the unexpected, keeping both your operations and your financial stability secure.

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