PL Pipeline


PL Pipeline

New Leads: Leads from online submissions and some agent created leads start here. Typically, we just have some basic information, and the pipeline is designed to collect more info.

Send Fast App- Once you put the client into this stage you have talked with the client over the phone but are needing more information for them to fill out.

Missing Info- After the initial conversation, we figured out we are needing more info.

Hold/VA- This is designed for when we are ready to have our Quoting Assistant Quote.

Agent Review- Quote is ready for producer to review.

Quote Ready- When you are ready to send out a quote but want to discuss it with the client first. Don’t send the quote out before you put them into this stage.

Quote Sent - After you send a quote to a prospect, put the lead into this stage and it triggers follow

Hold/Pending Bind - Use this stage after you received communications that the client wants to bind the policy.

Quoted- Waiting on Decision - Use this stage on the day you have scheduled a time to set up a clients policy.

Send Apps - Use this stage when you are ready for apps to be sent.

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