New Vehicle: When to Purchase the Insurance?

As you look to purchase a new vehicle in Springfield, Missouri you have probably priced out a loan to make sure it fits within your budget. Many people fail to price out their increased costs for insurance until it is to late. Auto insurance pricing can vary depending on the exact make and model of your vehicle. Whether it be a Ford, Toyota, Chevy, or Dodge never ever assume that your insurance pricing will remain the same.

If you are looking to purchase a vehicle, make sure to get pricing on the Vehicle you are purchase using the exact VIN. The Vin number lets the insurance company know all of the features of the vehicle. Why is this important? One small feature can make a significant difference in your pricing.

Make to shop around for insurance. If you are looking at purchasing a newer vehicle shopping can really save you money. At an independent agent like Millennium Brokers gives you the ability to get up to 15 quotes with just one phone call.

Don’t Make An Impulse Buy on Your New Vehicle

Many times the car salesman will try to get you into a vehicle as quick as possible. This may leave unanswered questions or the wrong vehicle for your needs . Don’t let your car salesman give you advice on the insurance on your new vehicle. Most times they will tell you speak about general ideas what may not provide the complete question.

Lets Take a Look…

A few months back we had a young driver looking to purchase a newer car. He was looking at a 2-door mustang vs. a four door challenger. He called in to get a price on his insurance for the 2 door and was ready to buy. The car salesman Recommended the 4 door challenger because he was getting a nicer car and the “insurance would be cheaper because it was a 4-door.”

When the customer called to set up the new insurance on the 4 door vehicle there was a $50 additional cost in monthly premium between the two vehicles. Although 4 door vehicles can provide cheaper insurance it isn’t always the case. The insurance company was looking at the fact that the 2 Door mustang had a lower value vs. the 4 Door Challenger that was a more expensive car. No two cars are the same, make sure you get each VIN number and have your agent price the rates out for each before you sign your name on the dotted line!

At Millennium Brokers, we shop rates with over 20 different insurance companies to help find a competitive rate.

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