Independent Insurance Agent: Let Us Help You Save

Everyone loves saving money and insurance is no different. Did you know  that there is a way to buy insurance that will let you shop rates in one place, all at once? Welcome to the Independent Insurance world! Even Dave Ramsey recommends shopping insurance with the help of an independent insurance agent. Lets take a look at purchasing insurance through an independent agent.

Why an Independent Insurance Agent?

So how can an independent insurance agent save money? They are not limited to one single company. Most Independent Insurance Agents like, Millennium Brokers, have access to numerous Companies. With a wider range of coverage with more options, an independent agent can help find the right company for your families needs. Not one insurance company is the best fit for everyone.

I have never worked with an Independent Agent Before…

Independent agents thrive on competition for their customers. Many people don’t know about Independent agents, but rely on the Captive agent to purchase insurance. The captive agent typically works for one company and their rates that are provided are typically for one company. An independent agent isn’t worried about putting you with a certain company but more concerned at whats best for you. They are worried about doing what is best for you family. The process to get a quote from an independent agent is not different than your normal process.

I have been with my company for a while…

Rates change just like your family over time. Yet many see that their insurance company doesn’t change or adapt to their new situation as well as the next. We recommend checking up on your insurance rates every 2-3 years. Why? Rates can change based upon how the insurance company is doing financially and how their losses are across your State. This is why Dave recommends having an independent agent shop your insurance.

I have never head of these companies….

This is a common question that many agents get but it is easily explained. If you have never worked with an independent agent in the past, you probably have not heard of some of the companies they will quote you with. Companies who sell insurance through brokers also known as independent agents rely on their agents to sell their insurance products. Captive companies spend billions of dollars on advertising but independents typically put it off on their agents. What can this mean for you? Savings! Would you rather have a big name company all over TV or a company that is more focused on keeping your rates down? For many customers this is an easy answer but they just have to be explained the different channels of purchasing insurance.


At Millennium Brokers we have access to Nationwide, Travelers, Safeco, State Auto, Mermac Valley, Foremost, Progressive, American Modern and many more. You can get your quote started by Visiting our Get-A-Quote page and we will have a quote back to you within 24 hours. Not only will we help save you money but we will make sure you are covered the right way!

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