Home Insurance Discounts in Missouri

Ways to Save Money on Home Insurance

Home insurance helps protect was of your most important assets. Finding affordable coverage can sometimes be a challenge. You want to make sure to maximize your home insurance discounts.

Safety Devices Home Insurance Discount

The first home insurance discount is for safety devices. Insurance companies give discounts for certain safety devices being located in your home. If you have smoke detectors make sure to let your insurance agent know about it. Sometimes companies will give you a discount for having smoke detectors in your home. Another big home insurance discount is having a security alarm system or a sprinkler system. This can be anything from an ADT System to a Simpli Safe. Make sure when your getting a quote for home insurance that you mention all of these devices. If you don’t have these devices already you might inquire from your current company of how large the discount might be. This will help determine if the added protection is worth the cost.

Multi-Policy Home Insurance Discount

The second and typically one of the largest home insurance discounts is the Multi-Policy discount. You can sometimes save up to 20% off your home insurance by just bundling your home and auto insurance together. Along with the discount you also sometimes get added benefits. Safeco for example, gives you a package deductible for bundling both your auto and home insurance. Some companies also give discounts for having landlord, motorcycle, umbrella and life insurance.

Updates to your home

The third home insurance discount is updating your home. If you have old plumping or electric, most times you can get a lower rated on your home insurance by getting them updated. Insurance companies know that an updated home is usually less likely to have claims problems. While you may not receive a discount for updating these items, you will likely pay less premium once they are updated. In Missouri, one update the insurance companies like is a new roof. Typically a new roof can really help bring insurance premiums down.

Good Credit Home Insurance Discounts

In Missouri, many people don’t realize that home insurance companies use your credit to help determine your insurance rates. Therefore, having good credit can help you save on insurance. Although this may not technically be a home insurance discount, it can help you save some money. While it may seem odd, look at if from the insurance companies point of view. Someone with bad credit is more risky because it could be harder to maintain their home. Additionally, someone with good credit typically has the financial recourses to keep their home in good condition. It’s important to remember that the usage of credit is subjective from company to company.

Affiliations Home Insurance Discounts

The last home insurance discount is the different affiliations you are associated with. Sometimes insurance companies officer special programs or discounts to people affiliated with certain groups. This can range anything from a military discount all the way to being an alumni of a specific college. Check with your insurance agent to see if any of your affiliations will help you save money.

Independent Agent

Having an independent agent can help you save money on you home insurance. Working with multiple companies rather than just one helps maximize home insurance discounts. Most times the competition between companies can also help bring down rates. Independent agent has the ability to shop your insurance rates to help find the most competitive rates. As your life changes, an independent agent can help your match your insurance needs with the right company.

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