History of Springfield, Missouri

Springfield, Missouri is the third largest city in the State of Missouri. As of 2016 there were about 167,000 people who live in the city and about 540,000 people in the Springfield-Branson Metropolitan Area. Lets take a look at the History of Springfield, MO.

Very Early Days

Prior to the 1820’s the native peoples of the Kickapoo, Delaware and Osage tribes called the General areas of Springfield Home and had several large communities in or surrounding what we know as Springfield.

With a wave of the western expansion from the Eastern States, the area began to see new communities and villages toward the end of the 1820’s.

In 1833, Greene County was officially established and named after General Nathanel Greene, A major general of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War.

By 1861, Springfield population had grown to about 2,000. At the start of the American Civil War, Springfield was very much divided. Both the Union and Confederacy recognized it as a city of importance. In August of 1861, the Battle of Wilson’s Creek took place.

Post Civil war the Springfield area experienced expansive growth that has continued to this date. In 2017 Business Insider named Springfield as a top city to start a Small business.

Some historical reference’s recognize Springfield as Missouri’s ‘Queen City’. This nickname was first coined by Sempronius (Pony) H. Boyd, a prominent Lawyer, judge and Congressman who lived in Springfield in the 19th Century.

Springfield, Missouri Today

Today Springfield is still rapidly growing. Some of the major employers include:

Mercy Health System

Cox Health


Springfield Public Schools

Missouri State University

Bass Pro-Shops


Springfield Local Schools

Springfield, Missouri is home to the Springfield Public School District which is one of the largest districts in the entire state of Missouri. The enrollment as of 2011 was 24,366. More recently the school tried to pass a new bond issue to make facility updates but it failed to pass. Springfield also has numerous universities including Baptist Bible College, Evangel University, Cox College, Dury University, Missouri State University and Ozarks Technical Community College.

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