Hail We Go Again

Southwest Missouri was hit by a significant hail storm on April 15th 2023.  The storm was bad enough but the aftermath and dealing with the scammers will have long term affects.

In Springfield we have several long term, local roofing companies. These include companies such as A-1 Guarantee Roofing, Delta Roofing, Absolute Roofing, Glennstone Roofing and so on. These roofers have been here, some for decades, and will be here tomorrow. This is just a few

We also have storm chasers, roofers you never heard of and never will again, who have cell phones and slippery motives and roofers you will never see again if you need service.


Make sure they have insurance! You have the right to ask for a certificate of insurance proving it! If they accidentally burn you house down or cause damage, you want to make sure you will be made whole. Furthermore, if someone falls off your roof you want to make sure you are not going to be brought in a major lawsuit if their injuries aren’t covered by Workers Compensation . A good quality company will typically carry at least Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation and General Liability. Below is an example of a certificate they should provide.

If you want us to review a certificate for you, we are always one phone call away.

How to Spot A Bad Roofing Company

  1.  If someone knocks on you door there is a chance they are a storm chaser.  Most local brands have enough business they are not knocking on doors.
  2. If they are pushy and want you to sign a contract before they even look at your roof.
  3. If they climbed your roof with out permission.
  4. If they make grand promises of  we will wave your deductible.
  5. If they cannot prove current insurance and work comp insurance.
  6. If they have a phone number that isn’t local.

Again, do not get taken by a storm chaser.  Please use local established roofers.  Trust us, it will save you in the future.

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