Frequently Asked Questions To Switching Insurance Policies

At Millennium Brokers, we specialize in comparing auto, home, business, and life insurance policies from leading companies to ensure you get optimal coverage. If you're new to our services, here are some frequently asked questions to help you get acquainted.

1. What if my mortgage company pays my insurance?

 We can assist in updating your escrow account to reflect the new policy.

2. Should I combine both Home and Auto insurance?

It's generally advantageous to switch both simultaneously to retain certain coverage benefits and discounts.

3. What if I'm midway through my current policy?

 Most insurance providers offer a pro-rata refund, ensuring you're refunded for the unused portion of your policy.

4. How do I switch to a different insurance provider?

Simply decide on your payment method, sign the required applications, and then proceed to cancel your existing policy.

5. Is an in-person visit required?

  Not at all! We provide a seamless digital experience for all your needs.

6. How long does the switching process take?

In most cases, it's a quick process that takes less than 10 minutes over a call.

7. Can you assist in cancelling my previous policy?

Yes! While we can handle cancellations for most providers, some may require you to call them directly.

8. What if I'm currently in the midst of a claim?

We recommend waiting until your current claim is resolved before making a switch.

9. How should I manage a home insurance refund check from my previous insurer?

You need to call you mortgage company and ask them what to do with the refund. Usually, they will have you pay it into your escrow account.

10. Are there any fees or payments to Millennium Brokers?

No. The only fees associated with Millennium Brokers are for specific commercial specialty policies, which are rare.

11. What's the procedure if I need to file a claim?

  While you'll file the claim with your insurance company, we advise reaching out to us first for guidance and recommendations.

12. Should I consider telematics?

  If you’re a good driver telematics is a good way to save an additional 10-15% on your auto insurance. This means the insurance company monitors your driving       habits and can help reward your good driving.




"In a world of rising costs, it was so nice to have someone who really cared about getting my family an affordable rate. I cannot believe we hadn’t used a broker sooner!!."

Brittany S


"I've been working with Millennium Brokers for several years and they have been so much help. Recently had to price around to get auto insurance cheaper. Jill and Carissa were such GREAT help!."

Rebecca S. 

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