General Liability Insurance

Why Your Springfield or Branson Business Needs Adequate General Liability Insurance

A single liability claim can financially cripple your business, so it’s important that you have adequate coverage from a highly rated carrier. General liability insurance protects you from many known and unknown risks.

Considering the average cost of a slip-and-fall claim is $20,000, businesses need protection from this type of claim.

What Is General Liability Insurance?

This type of business insurance, also known as commercial general liability insurance, is the most basic form of liability coverage. If you own a business, having general liability coverage is not optional — it’s mandatory.

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

CGL guards you (the owner), your business and your employees from claims involving bodily injury or property damage stemming from your business operations. These policies cover the expenses of out-of-court settlements, litigation and judgments awarded by courts. Oftentimes, we will pair general liability with business personal property (BPP) coverage in a comprehensive business owners policy (BOP).

Here are a few things you can expect general liability insurance to cover for your business:

  • Lawsuits, investigations, and settlements mandated by a court order.
  • Injury damages, like customer slips and falls and employee accidents.
  • Property damage done to a customer or client, such as breaking a client’s window.
  • Advertising claims arising from defamation of another person or company.
  • Copyright claims when someone believes you used someone their intellectual property.
  • Reputational harm, such as if someone in your company negatively impacts another business through their actions or public statements.

How Does My Company Get General Liability Insurance in Springfield or Branson?

The process has never been easier!

Our team will guide you through what you need to obtain general liability insurance. Many companies will require you to show them a certificate of insurance before you can do work for them.

We can help you answer certain questions for underwriting and eligibility in order for the insurance company to determine what your final rating will be for this type of insurance.

This proves to them that you have active insurance coverage, which is typically a requirement if you’re running a business in most states.If you’re confused by any of this, don’t worry, we’ll make the process easy. Give us a call and we can help you get the process started when you’re ready. Or go to our insurance quotes page to start the process.

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