Business & Commercial Property Insurance

Is Your Business & Commercial Property Insurance for Springfield or Branson Adequate?

Our team of insurance brokers can help you make sense of your business and commercial property insurance. We take the mystery out of your coverage so you can focus on your core business without having to worry if you’re covered.

Why Do You Need Business & Commercial Property Insurance?

Peace of mind is the main reason you want business and commercial property insurance. If your business suffers a loss, repairing or replacing something can get expensive, particularly if they are high-priced things like inventory items, equipment, and computers.

What Does Business & Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

This special type of insurance covers your company building and the company-owned contents inside of it. 

Property can include a variety of types: 

  • Lost income or business interruption
  • Buildings
  • Computers
  • Money
  • Valuable papers
  • Products and inventory
  • Equipment
  • Tools

Affordable Solutions for Business & Commercial Property Insurance

Millennium Brokers will examine your current business and commercial property insurance to make sure you have adequate coverage. Under the liability policy coverage, your building should be protected from damaging events such as fire, burglary and vandalism. 

But coverage for just your building may not be enough. The aftermath of such damage should also be covered, for example, if you have downtime or need to remain closed for an extended period.

What Sets Millennium Brokers Apart

We will evaluate your specific needs, find the company that will give you the best value for your dollar, and determine the policy that provides a superior standard of protection for your business. The companies we represent offer tested, reliable business and commercial property insurance products along with excellent customer service. We make sure that the insurance companies we represent have an outstanding reputation for fast, fair claims service in the event of a loss.

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