Attractions in Springfield Missouri

After a long week of work, every family should an attraction in Springfield, Missouri. You know you want to spend some time relaxing but don’t know where to go? Look no further. This is the Millennium Brokers take on some of the best attractions!

Wonders of Wildlife

In 2017, after years of Construction, Bass Pro opened the Johnny Morris Wonders of WildLife National Aquarium and Wildlife Museum. The attraction showcases a 1.5 million-gallon aquarium with over 35,000 live fish. It also includes mammals, reptiles and birds and numerous wildlife exhibits. The attraction is family friendly and is located adjacent to the Bass Pro Shop National Headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. If you are a hunter or a fisher this is a must see for your family.


Dickerson Park Zoo

The next attraction in Springfield, Missouri is the widely famous Dickerson Park Zoo. The zoo was originally established in 1922 by the Springfield Park Board. Until the 1970’s the zoo didn’t receive the proper support and became rundown. It was on the brink of being closed until a group known as the Friends of the Zoo was created to help bring the Zoo back to life. The group helped the zoo get proper funding and shape it into what it is today.

The Dickerson Park Zoo is located on the outskirts of Springfield. It has more than 500 animals that represent over 160 different species. In 1986, the zoo became an a member  of the Zoos and Aquariums also known as AZA. If you looking for something for the whole family, you cant go wrong.

Mediacom Ice Park

Springfield is also home to the Medicom Ice Park. You can enjoy open ice skating, join a hockey team, or even enjoy figure skating. Does your family enjoy Hockey? The Ice Park is also home to the Missouri State Ice Bears. One of the best rivalries in College Hockey is played each year in Springfield against the Missouri State Bears and the Missouri Tigers. If you want to go to a great game, this is the one!

Springfield Cardinals

The St. Louis Minor League baseball team is located right in the heart of Springfield. The Springfield Cardinals have one of the best Stadiums in Minor League baseball. The Stadium known as Hammons Field seats almost 8,000 fans. Does your family enjoy baseball? Hammons has one of the best environments for an all around experience.

Rutledge-Wilson Farm

The Rutledge-Wilson Farm Community Park was first envisioned part of the Springfield’s Community 20/20 process. It was passed as part of a ¼ cent park sales taxed that was approved in 2001. The 207 acre farm park has numerous events throughout the year along with many educational resources for local schools. The Farm includes a new animal bar, visitors center, and a milking farm. Rutledge-Wilson is known for its crops and gardens, pasture land, native prairie, one-mile paved trail, and Wilson’s Creek.


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